The Grand WITCiH of Tech

BISHI - THE WILD WITCiH OF TECH follows London based multi-disciplinary artist, composer, performer and curator Bishi through a busy month of her life. A fast-paced mosaic of behind the scenes footage (live audio-visual performances and soundchecks, tech webcasts, and curation of the WITCiH Salon event at The Tate Modern) and footage of her previous tech collaborations (interactive sensor suit performance at Whitechapel Gallery, a performance composed from brain-wave data of the artist sleeping in collaboration with the Science Gallery, a composition for a virtual reality flying app) reveal Bishi’s artistic relationship with technology, and why she co-founded WITCiH (Women In Technology Creative industries Hub), a platform for multi-disciplinary women working in media and arts technology.



Bishi’s full name:

Bishi Bhattacharya


The name of the person she originally co-founded WITCiH with (and did her SLEEP and Whitechapel Gallery collaborations with):

Matt Hardern AKA Glammorre



Women In Technology Creative industries Hub


Past WITCiH event locations:

Bargehouse, London UK

Tate Modern, Uniqulo Tate Lates, London UK


Past WITCiH event guests (performers/speakers:

Bishi Bhattacharya

Imogen Heap (performer, developer of Mi.Mu gloves)

Natalie Sharp AKA Lone Taxidermist (performer, composer)

Miri Kat (live coder)

Jenn Kirby (sound artist, performer)

Lia Mice (producer, instrument designer)

Terry Tyldesley AKA Kat Feral Five (performer, blogger)

Vicky O’Neon (performer, composer)

The OMNII Collective (Network of women and non-binary studio engineers and producers)

Rebekah Ubuntu (interdisciplinary artist, composer)

Rachel Wingfield (architect)


Interview Transcription

Prefilming Transcription

Individual Essay

about the filming

Thanks for watching and reading!

Special Thanks

Bishi Battacharya

Shivani Hassard

Miguel Domingo-Redondo

Paul Tickell

Yi-Zhe Song

The Bargehouse London

The Lexington London

Queen Mary University of London

Tate Modern London

Steadman Gbajumo

AND My Lovely Teammates

Lia Mice

Louise Bryce

James Doherty

Shot on location in London, UK March 2018

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